Google Analytics can do a great job tracking all kinds of actions on your web site. But there are some important actions that the basic Google Analyics set-up does NOT track. For instance, it does not track PDF download, clicks on a email sign up link, or clicks to ANOTHER web site.

Why? Google analytics is based on html web pages loading on YOUR site. When a person downloads a PDF on your site, no html web page loads. So Google Analytics captures no information about that action. Similarly, when a person links to ANOTHER web site, no html web page loads. The page load is captured on the other site’s tracking program.

So what can you do? A line of java script added to the PDF download or to the external link can track this. While very effective, it can be tedious to set up for 20 or 30 actions or links. Another option is some cool- and free- software that track this without the tedious tagging. You can download it for free at Analytics Engine . You’ll find information here for the Free Version .