Here’s a Google AdWords tip that can lift your ROI.

When you invest in Google keyword advertising, your goal is not to generate
maximum clicks. The goal is to generate clicks from the RIGHT people. You want to actively discourage clicks by people who will never buy your product. Deploying negative keywords will minimize clicks that will not CONVERT to customers.

Here is how you can target your ads to the RIGHT people.
When you log in, click on the Keywords tab. This will show the keywords that are generating clicks.
Now take the next step and click on the small pull down option in the Gray box labeled Search Terms in the middle of the page.
This will show for the people who clicked on the ad, the complete search phrase they typed at the keyword.

For example, lets suppose that your business is a French language school on the coast of Maine.
You are trying to reach people who want to take a French language vacation. So the logical keywords might include “french language” “learn french” etc.

After you run your campaign and you look at the search term report, you might discover that
some of the people who clicked on your ad, searched on the phrases “Learn french cooking”
“learn french wines”, etc.

On the bottom of the page with your keyword list is a link Negative Keywords. In our example, you would make the words “cooking”, “wines”, etc. negative keywords. This tells Google to NOT show your ads when the search phrase includes the words “wines” or “cooking”, etc. You can make your negative keywords broad, exact, or phrase match. So you have lots of control in how you use negative keywords.

You can set these negative terms at either the Campaign level or at the Ad Group level.
You may be able to anticipate negatives when you set up the campaign. But looking at the search term report will reveal ones you never thought of. This prevents wasteful clicks.

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